People who work in nonprofit organizations often have creative – even visionary – ideas about how they can improve their programs and services, or create new ones. Getting the momentum to move forward on those ideas can be a challenge. One service that Maggie provides to her clients with great results is Taking Your Jumbled Ideas…& Making Them Actionable. She does this by listening to her clients’ ideas, analyzing and synthesizing them, and developing a map for action. For this work, Maggie draws on a variety of tools including executive coaching, group facilitation, and teaching. She also helps her clients by creating user-friendly road-maps such as logic models, work plans, Gantt charts, and flow charts.

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“Maggie lets me dream out loud about all of the possibilities and helps me to recognize that there are actually clear, definable, and do-able steps that turn those dreams into reality. ”
Shayna Friedman, Director of Education, Hebrew Educational Alliance

“Maggie has the ability to ask targeted questions, listen intently and then synthesize the information into an understandable summary. When Maggie walks into a situation, she comes in with an attitude to understand. She listens intently, asks poignant questions and then summarizes the information into an understandable story or concept. She is a teacher at heart. ”
Kriss Wittmann, Wittmann Studios

“Maggie is a master at planning, organizing and tailoring things to meet the specific needs of each client. She has the ability to listen, analyze and add her expertise to situations in ways that honor the clients with whom she works. While keeping the vision or big picture in mind, she pays close attention to detail. She helps people believe in themselves and their abilities. Maggie models such respect for the human spirit. And based on her unshakable belief system, she accomplishes this in such a calm, graceful manner. The richness of Maggie’s character frames everything she does.”
Mary Ann Grenawalt, Gordon, Grenawalt & Associates

“Maggie is a calm, clear, organizing force on all project teams. She asks incisive questions that really get us thinking and working towards meaningful solutions! Plus, she’s just fun to be around.”
Beth Steinhorn, Marketing Director, Colorado Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE)