“Maintaining a focus on the results and allowing latitude to redirect as needed, Maggie has assets — skills, knowledge, and a style of collaboration — that have truly impacted the success of the projects on which we have worked. Her ability to “begin with the end in mind” has helped us to maintain a focus on the results we seek, while at the same time allowing us the latitude to redirect our efforts when it has been in the best interest of achieving our overall objectives. Maggie’s ability to ask insightful questions is a characteristic that results in increased clarity, a broader vision, and client confidence. ”
Heather Clifton, Educational Consultant

“Maggie Miller hits the ground running when given a new project to manage. She is well organized, articulate, reliable and able to manage multiple priorities and deadlines. She facilitates meetings to achieve the objectives of the agenda and reach decisions. Maggie is clear about her opinions, but she also recognizes and respects the needs of her clients and knows when to press a point and when to defer to others. She is always helpful in thinking through difficult issues and proposing alternatives. Maggie can ‘read’ her audiences and respond appropriately to help move a discussion forward. She always keeps the client in mind as first priority. Maggie is a strong candidate for any project which requires a strong, experienced, effective professional.”
Shere Kahn, Vice President, Planning and Allocations, Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado

“Maggie Miller has been my invaluable partner on several consulting projects with key organizational clients. Maggie brings her keen interviewing and evaluation skills and extensive management experience to every project, and her willingness to collaborate has added value in every instance. When a challenging matter arises, my first call is to Maggie Miller Consulting, where I know I can find an able contributor to a successful resolution of any situation.”
Doug Gertner, Ph.D., Principal, Emu Consulting LLC

“Maggie did a phenomenal job of listening to our ideas and ideals and concretizing them into language that funders could understand. She helped us take our big visions and break them down into actionable items. Maggie’s passion about her work makes her a delight to work with.”
Rabbi Jamie Korngold, Executive Director, Adventure Rabbi

“Maggie did a tremendous job of listening to everyone involved in our organization, and melding an evaluation that reflected all of the concerns that we had. As a result of her work, we were able to not only see a clearer picture of where we had been as an organization, but also to efficiently focus our energy as we moved forwards to best overcome the obstacles that were suddenly easier to comprehend.”
Ben Kapnik, Executive Director, Celebrate Possibility

“Maggie is a pro at bringing out the best in your organization. She not only helped us develop a thought-provoking program, but then taught us how to use evaluation to make sure the program was effective, met our target audience’s needs, and fit in with overall organizational goals.”
Malka Levitansky, Director of Public Relations, Denver Community Kollel

“Maggie helped a diverse team with various levels of evaluation experience come together and create a joint picture of the path forward. She spoke with language that everyone understood and her style helped put people at ease.”
Stefanie Winfield, Director of Evaluation, The Gathering Place

“Maggie lets me dream out loud about all of the possibilities and helps me to recognize that there are actually clear, definable, and do-able steps that turn those dreams into reality. ”
Shayna Friedman, Director of Education, Hebrew Educational Alliance

“Maggie has the ability to ask targeted questions, listen intently and then synthesize the information into an understandable summary. When Maggie walks into a situation, she comes in with an attitude to understand. She listens intently, asks poignant questions and then summarizes the information into an understandable story or concept. She is a teacher at heart. ”
Kriss Wittmann, Wittmann Studios

“Maggie is a master at planning, organizing and tailoring things to meet the specific needs of each client. She has the ability to listen, analyze and add her expertise to situations in ways that honor the clients with whom she works. While keeping the vision or big picture in mind, she pays close attention to detail. She helps people believe in themselves and their abilities. Maggie models such respect for the human spirit. And based on her unshakable belief system, she accomplishes this in such a calm, graceful manner. The richness of Maggie’s character frames everything she does.”
Mary Ann Grenawalt, Gordon, Grenawalt & Associates

“Maggie is a calm, clear, organizing force on all project teams. She asks incisive questions that really get us thinking and working towards meaningful solutions! Plus, she’s just fun to be around.”
Beth Steinhorn, Marketing Director, Colorado Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE)