Program Planning & Evaluation

Programs are more successful when the evaluation component is built into the planning stage. People who work in nonprofit organizations want to evaluate their programs in order to document their success, build upon their achievements, or learn from their mistakes. Sometimes program evaluation is required by the funder. No matter the reason, it is a good idea to bring in an independent evaluator, because she or he brings specialized expertise and an outsider’s perspective to the process. Maggie excels at both formative and summative evaluation on behalf of her clients. Services include creating evaluation plans and logic models, conducting interviews, surveys, and focus groups, and writing reports.

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“Maggie did a tremendous job of listening to everyone involved in our organization, and melding an evaluation that reflected all of the concerns that we had. As a result of her work, we were able to not only see a clearer picture of where we had been as an organization, but also to efficiently focus our energy as we moved forwards to best overcome the obstacles that were suddenly easier to comprehend.”
Ben Kapnik, Executive Director, Celebrate Possibility

“Maggie is a pro at bringing out the best in your organization. She not only helped us develop a thought-provoking program, but then taught us how to use evaluation to make sure the program was effective, met our target audience’s needs, and fit in with overall organizational goals.”
Malka Levitansky, Director of Public Relations, Denver Community Kollel

“Maggie helped a diverse team with various levels of evaluation experience come together and create a joint picture of the path forward. She spoke with language that everyone understood and her style helped put people at ease.”
Stefanie Winfield, Director of Evaluation, The Gathering Place